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The Cabot Design Strategy identifies four core values that are essential to cultivating an environment of personalized learning.  We strive for a culture of beautiful work and deeper learning that is nurtured and informed by the four core values.   These were crafted to serve as a model - a beacon - that guides our on-going progression towards fully implementing personalized learning at Cabot School. 


High Quality PBL

Culture + Relationships

Authenticity + Relevance

Curiosity + Creativity + Design

Good design is crafted with empathy.  What do our users (e.g. the students and the extended learning community) need?  What is their point of view?

 It is our hope that these four core values speak to the diverse needs of Cabot's learners.  The following universal point of view was crafted and synthesized to reflect the needs of many individuals in a concise and effective way:  

"I am a developing human being who desires purpose, belonging, and challenge to use the skills I have learned because the world is continually evolving in new and unpredicted ways."


NOTE: The purpose of this website is to  "unpack" and illustrate how each of our core values address our aspirational Global Best Practice Scores.  

For a Narrative Summary of The Cabot Design Plan please click here.