pictured: the physics of whitewater kayaking


Authenticity is a key element to high quality project based learning.  Great projects stem from an authentic problem that has relevance to the students' lives and/or communities and in which the outcome has real meaning to the world at large.  Significant Learning occurs when the work is authentic and engaging - this is when the emotional connections occur and as result when the buy-in really kicks in.  

At Cabot, we endeavor to create a culture that cultivates authentic experiences both in and out of the classroom.  From Unplugged to the high stakes exhibition of our projects, we want students to feel a sense of belonging and community through our shared work as teachers and learners. 




Continuous and increased emphasis on authenticity will leverage Cabot's ability to address these Global Best Practices: 

1.4 Standards Based Education

1.5 Assessment Practices

2.1 Vision, Mission + Action Plan

2.2 School Culture

2.3 Multiple Pathways

Personalized Learning  

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