"The key to excellence is this: It is born from a culture. When children enter a family culture, a community culture or a school culture that demands and supports excellence, they work to fit into that culture.  Once those children enter a culture with a powerful ethic, that ethic becomes the norm. It’s what they know"

-Ron Berger, An Ethic of Excellence   


At the core of the Cabot School learning culture are the relationships amongst our stakeholders.  We know our students well, and are committed to a learner-centered approach that supports and challenges each student. Through projects, students pursue their passions and continually reflect on their learning and growth. Students with special needs are supported through a full inclusion model. Each student has a faculty advisor who meets regularly with a small group of students to build community, support their academic progress, and plan for their future. The advisor communicates closely with the advisees’ families and serves as the primary point of contact for the family.

The collaborative, creative and curious nature of our project-based learning culture catalyzes a close-knit community of shared inquiry and exhibition.   Passion for projects and commitment to beautiful work often fuels a mutual respect between students and teachers. 

Cabot School's approach to Culture & Relationships includes the following Essential Elements.  Links provide specific examples from Cabot or models that we aspire to incorporate into our teaching and learning environment. 




Continuous nurturing of culture and relationships will leverage Cabot's ability to address these Global Best Practices: 

1.4 Standards Based Education

2.1 Vision, Mission + Action Plan

2.2 School Culture

2.3 Multiple Pathways

2.8 Continual Improvement

3.4 Moral Courage


Personalized Learning  

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