In our model, we envision:

A teaching and learning environment that is informed by a design mindset and infused with the arts.  From our font choices to museum-like displays of student projects throughout our buildings we strive for a culture of beautiful work.  Teachers and students alike approach their curriculum design and project work with a design mindset and iterative action cycle to improve upon work. Students and teachers understand that excellence and beautiful work is created through a cycle of iteration that is catalyzed by exploration, peer critique (tuning protocols) and high stakes exhibition. 

Our approach to Project Based Learning is infused with the arts and leverages authentic problems to shape our driving questions and inquiry of significant content.

  • Where's The Duct Tape:  A 2500 sq. ft Rube Goldberg machine designed by 9th grade physics teams and  choreographed to original student music  performed by the school band.
  • BioSoap: Better Soap through Science:  HS Biology class creates a BioSoap business that involves the fabrication of attractive, effective, and skin-friendly cold-pressed soaps in which students consider their concentrations of biomolecular fats, oils, and overall pH levels. All soaps are beautifully packaged and marketed.

In addition to the 4 Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity) We have elected to include CURIOSITY as one of our transferable, cross-curricular skills.  The creative process insists on curiosity and aligns wonderfully with the design cycle.  Deep learning, sustained inquiry benefit greatly from a passionate and curious mind.   

Cabot School's approach to Curiosity + Creativity + Design includes the following Essential Elements.  Links provide specific examples from Cabot or models that we aspire to incorporate into our teaching and learning environment. 




Continuous and increased emphasis on Design & Creativity will leverage Cabot's ability to address these Global Best Practices: 

2.1 Vision, Mission + Action Plan

2.2 School Culture

2.6 Time + Space

3.4 Moral Courage

Personalized Learning  

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